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John Waters - Carsick

John Waters - Carsick

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"John Waters - Carsick" published in 2015  takes readers on a hilariously unconventional road trip through the vividly imaginative mind of cult filmmaker John Waters. In this uproarious memoir, Waters recounts his daring hitchhiking adventure across America, split into three parts: hitchhiking imaginings, good rides, and bad rides.

Waters' signature wit and irreverent humor shine as he imagines the wildest and most bizarre scenarios for his journey. From encountering celebrity hitchhikers to falling into outrageous and sometimes shocking situations, Waters' storytelling is as unique and unexpected as his films.

In the second part of the book, Waters shares his real-life experiences, from the serendipitous and delightful to the downright bizarre. His encounters with strangers are filled with eccentric personalities and humorous anecdotes, capturing the essence of the people and places he encounters on his journey.

The third section reveals the darker, more unsettling side of his hitchhiking adventure, where not all rides go as planned. Waters' candid and unfiltered narrative style makes "Carsick" a rollercoaster of emotions, swinging from laughter to disbelief to poignant reflection.

Waters' narrative explores themes of curiosity, connection, and the unexpected kindness of strangers, while providing an intimate glimpse into his own mind and experiences. "John Waters - Carsick" is a testament to his ability to find the extraordinary in the ordinary and to entertain, shock, and move readers with his unique perspective on life and human interactions.
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