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John Waters - Pecker

John Waters - Pecker

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"Pecker" is a comedy film written and directed by John Waters, released in 1998. Here's more information about the film:

**Plot**: "Pecker" is the story of a young man named Pecker (played by Edward Furlong), who works as a photographer in Baltimore. He takes candid and often humorous photographs of his eccentric family and friends. His work becomes noticed in the art world, and he suddenly finds himself thrust into the New York art scene. However, fame and success bring their own set of challenges and dilemmas.

**Cast**: The film features an ensemble cast that includes Edward Furlong, Christina Ricci, Lili Taylor, Martha Plimpton, and others.

**Themes**: "Pecker" explores themes of art, fame, family dynamics, and the intersection of art and commerce. John Waters is known for his unique style and often explores themes of subversion, counterculture, and the celebration of the unusual and marginalized in his work. "Pecker" is one of the many films in his extensive filmography that exemplifies his distinctive filmmaking style.

John Waters is celebrated for his unconventional and irreverent style, and "Pecker" is no exception. The film received generally positive reviews and is known for its quirky characters and satirical take on the art world and fame. It's a lighter and more accessible entry in John Waters' filmography compared to some of his earlier, more provocative works like "Pink Flamingos" or "Female Trouble."

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