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Murder Can Be Fun

Murder Can Be Fun

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Murder Can Be Fun is the infamous zine of bizarre death, murder, mayhem, crime, disaster, weird books and even weirder people.

John Marr began publishing the zine in 1986 out of San Francisco, CA. This long-running zine has been in existence for more than twenty years. For each issue Marr painstakingly researches murders and deaths, documenting them in an entertaining way.

Devoted to the "underside of human curiosity," previous topics have included postal massacres, Karen Carpenter's anorexia, assassination attempts on Andy Warhol, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, historical cannibals, faith healing, Fatty Arbuckle, Cornell Woolrich's fiction, and many more bizarre subjects not often addressed in the mainstream media.

Death, Destruction, Disaster, Murder and Mayhem. John Marr's seminal zine devoted to the underside of human curiosity.

In this issue: Anti Sex Tips For Teens 

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