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Sentenced To Hell - Natalie Walsh

Sentenced To Hell - Natalie Walsh

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In 2001 Natalie Welsh took her four-year-old daughter Nikita on the holiday of a lifetime to Venezuela. But Natalie was hiding a terrible secret—in a moment of desperation she had agreed to smuggle a suitcase of cocaine for a one-off payment she hoped would change her life.

Hopelessly naïve, and struggling with a drug addiction that left her barely capable of reason, Natalie had no idea of the danger she was facing. Caught by the Venezuelan authorities, Natalie was sentenced to ten years in a hellish prison system. In the blink of an eye, she entered a nightmare world, where guards were either too powerless or corrupt to control the escalating violence.

This was a world of almost unimaginable horror, where murders, rapes, and even all-out gang warfare were carried out by the armed and powerful inmates. After six terrible years, and against impossible odds, Natalie became the first western woman to escape from a Venezuelan prison, in a death-defying flight through Colombia to freedom. Sentenced to Hell is the incredible story of how one terrible mistake can almost destroy a life, and how Natalie's love for her daughter saved her.

Few creases to the first few pages. 

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